Introducing Natural Balance Dog and Cat Foods! - The Food For A Lifetime

We love these products! Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Dog and Cat formulas are used and respected worldwide by people who want the best for their animals.  Check out our selection below and you can learn more about them at 


You'll want to get some samples next time you bring your pet in for grooming or for boarding.  We feed our own pets these products and they have thrived on them.  We carry Food Rolls and Treats as well.  We've listed some of the products we carry below our cutie hogging the dog food rolls!

Original Ultra Dry Dog Food
Reduced Calorie Dog Food - Senior and Overweight Adult Dogs 
Synergy Dry Dog Food 

L.I.D. - Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs - Grain Free
Potato and Duck
Lamb Meal and Brown Rice
Sweet Potato and Fish
Legume and Duck Meat

Fat Dog Food - food to gently help you dog lose weight
Food Rolls - your dogs will love them!
Dog Treats -  we have a variety of healthy, grain free treats for your dog's pleasure

Original Ultra Dry Cat Food  
Reduced Calorie - Senior and Overweight Adult Cats
Indoor Ultra

L.I.D. - Limited Ingredient Diets for Cats - Grain Free
Green Pea and Duck
Green Pea and Chicken
Green Pea and Salmon

Fat Cat Food - food to gently help your cat lose weight
Cat Treats - Salmon, Rabbit and Chicken 

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